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Choose the Fender Serial Number: Most notably, production dates have been penciled or stamped on the butt end of the heel of the neck of most guitars and basses. There were periods of time when this was not consistently done, between and , and there are certainly other examples of short periods of time, and individual pieces, where the dating was simply omitted. While this neck dating is useful in roughly determining the age of a guitar, it is certainly not definitive. The neck date simply refers to the date that the individual component was produced. Given the modular nature of Fender’s production techniques, an individual neck may have been produced in a given year, placed in the manufacturing warehouse and remained in stock for a period of time, and then subsequently paired with a body to create a complete guitar in the following year. So, obviously a neck date, while being helpful in providing a date range of production, it cannot be a definitive reference. Unlike the auto industry which has specific model years for their products, most specifications for a given Fender instrument model, change little if any, through the lifetime of the model.

A Vintage History Lesson – Dating Vintage Clothing

Knowing more about your vintage sewing machine cabinet can help you make the most of this addition to your home. Dating a vintage sewing table can be quite easy or significantly more difficult, depending upon the sewing machine and style. Look for a label or manufacturer on the cabinet itself.

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Does your guitar have a serial number? Most guitar manufactures use a number or letter code to identify the year a guitar was made. Most major manufactures provide an in depth list of serial numbers, Fender and Martin have exceptional reference tools for public use. Are the parts all original? A lot of times vintage guitars have had a part changed here and there, however if everything is all there it can make identifying a year very easy if it is an electric guitar.

Pot code reader is a useful tool that allows you to type the code you have an dit gives you any available info. This can get kind of broad. Examples such as different logos or head stock designs can help to pin point the year or just the era of which a guitar was made.

How to Identify Vintage Levis

Pattern collecting guide Collecting Vintage Sewing Patterns The first thing to know about collecting vintage sewing patterns is that the temptation to add “just one more” pattern to your collection is irresistible. A hundred patterns here, a hundred patterns there — after a while it adds up to quite a bit of space No matter what your favorite style or era, eventually you may have questions. How old is my pattern? How much is it worth? What happened to the company that made it?

Vintage sewing machine cabinets range from beautiful antiques to practical, usable, high quality pieces. Knowing more about your vintage sewing machine cabinet can help you make the most of this addition to your home. Dating a vintage sewing table can be quite easy or significantly more difficult, depending upon the sewing machine and style.

Edit Post Today I will be showing you how to date vintage clothing in a quick and simple manner this will help both vintage buyers and sellers to make sure you have an authentic vintage garment or at least have the proper era stated. I hope this simple lesson helps you bunches! A blue and white vintage pencil skirt. Read more about care labels here. But now let’s narrow down the years even more. The last one is exactly the one we are looking for, the logo matches the one on the tag!

The information on the page lets us know that the trademark was first used in and the trademark was filed in So now we know the skirt is before but after Still a pretty big window. But because of the style, the metal zipper, and the lack of a fabric content label, we can narrow it down to 50s s.

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And just given the average male to female ration alone, you have to assume there are more vintage-interest ladies out there than gentlemen, wondering the exact thing you are. Just because a vintage-interest gal wants to be treated like a lady while being courted, does not mean she plans to fit into your life in the manner of the ‘s. I wear vintage everyday, and love old fashioned manners. Although as my friend pointed out, I am so used to UN-gentlemanly men, that I never notice when he pulls out a chair for me!

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Mar 02,  · Dating these early mic.s is not an exact science, but lets see what we can do. In the British catalog no. 18, dated , it lists your no. micrometer as reading in ten thousands, for 1/11/3. The two inch attachment, no , as probably ordered with the mic. as an extra option and sold for 8/4.

Is this something like your list of questions? How old is the cymbal? These are the kinds of sensible questions that you need to ask to enable you make a reasonably informed decision despite not being able to handle the cymbal. You need facts of course, but in the world of old zildjians, ballparks are the name of the game and exact facts can be hard to come by.

The stamps were each used for a period of years and each one is slightly different. A further complication is that there seem to be transition periods between stamps when both seem to have been used. It all seems to add up to a whole lot of dunno! Size Be aware that sizes may or may nor conform to an exact measurement. Cymbal Weight Most Vintage cymbals are thinner and therefore lighter than their modern equivalent.

These relationships are discussed at length and with heat on drum and cymbal forums around the web. If you are pricing to sell, basically the cymbal is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Old K istanbul cymbals are occasionally seen on ebay completed sales lists either unsold, or sold at much lower valuations than here which all proves that the value is in the eye of the buyer!

Dating everything on a vintage Fender Jazz Bass

No matter if you plan on using the bike or simply want it for a conversation piece, having some information about the date of its creation will be extremely useful. Bicycle code or lot number Local antique dealer Thoroughly clean the vintage bicycle. Use a clean brush with firm bristles to remove any dirt, sand, clay or cobwebs that may be caked onto the exterior of the vintage bicycle.

If the vintage bicycle appears to be especially old, you may want to consider taking it in to a bicycle specialty shop for a professional cleaning. Determine what brand of vintage bicycle you are dealing with.

Clues for Dating Vintage Clothing By Karen Richards With celebrities such as Barbara Streisand, Sarah Jessica Parker, Winona Ryder, Sharon Stone, Drew Barrymore and Michael Richards flaunting their trendy wardrobes vintage fashions have become very popular.

Have you noticed how different the approach to dating was back them. It all looked so wholesome that it almost makes you want to barf, right? Most of these guidelines were written up in advice books geared towards teens. Corny and super sexist. Here are eight vintage dating tips that will definitely make you go WTF. Apparently humming is just some brainless, girly mode of expression.

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Dating Vintage Patterns

Learn more by clicking the link below. Sorry that I have to say this, but too many people have not been able to figure it out on their own. Please do not just email me a serial number and demand that I tell you how old it is.

Jun 28,  · Okay, I’ll try. First, this is a parlor-sized guitar, sharing various dimensions with the Martin size 1 and size 0, and it fits well into an Elderly 0 case.

She received it NIB and it came with a round rattan trivet! Pyrex designer Daisy 1 qt covered round casserole with Rattan Trivet. The side of the box reads: A beautiful and practical gift. A sparkling accent for any table. The bottom of the dish reads B. Thanks so much Shannon for helping us solve another Pyrex mystery!! It was a hostess party gift for Stanley products, one of the many collaborations Pyrex has done over the years.

The pattern has tiny gold flowers that reminds us of a stencil design, on a lovely soft pink background. The set includes a round casserole with a matching knobbed glass lid and a warming stand. And many people ask us about it in the Flickr group from time to time: Does it really exist?

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Tell us a bit about yourself Hello! My name is Tammy. I have been buying, selling and collecting vintage clothing since I also have a large collection of vintage catalogs, magazines and mannequins. My prize possession is Lillian my wax milliner’s mannequin from the early ‘s. I am the costumer for a couple of Hollywood based plays.

How to Date Your Cameo. Being able to value your cameo is important, but it is even more important to be able to put a time period as to when your cameo was made, because this is how you know your treasure is vintage. Look at the hinge or pin on the back.

How to Date Vintage Mail Order Sewing Patterns November 29, Katherine Mail order patterns are a too often overlooked treasure trove, not just for their adorable designs but the social history and connection to the past that comes from knowing a little bit more than usual about the original seamstress. Mail Order Pattern from the s in a 40 Bust In addition, mail order sewing patterns tended to be available in a wider range of sizes. Which is something my hairdresser did for me for most of my teenage years.

Suffice to say, businesses who supported the NRA whether willingly or for fear of public boycott put the blue eagle emblem on their packages. A little background on Third Class bulk rate Mail order patterns were commonly mailed third class. But due to the government control of the post office and the legislative hoopla that comes along with it, we can glean some dating information from the phrases that were mandated by congress to be printed on envelopes mailed in bulk via third class.

In order to qualify for the third class bulk mailing rate, you had to ship at least 20lbs or pieces of identical mail at once, which is exactly what our mail order pattern companies were doing. From October 1, until it was superseded in anything sent third class bulk rate had to have the phrase Sec. On February 25, , Sec. I throw it in just to show off…. Vintage Mail Order Pattern marked Sec But what about Sec.

If you have Sec. Bulk mailings were priced by the pound but this minimum stipulation helps us date any piece of third class bulk mail marked 1c to before

How to Date Clothing as Vintage

During these 37 years Wheatstone manufactured about 2, Englishes and Duets, with serial numbers from about through , and some 9, Anglos, with serial numbers from through The original version of this article appeared on the net at concertina. Posted 23 June Dates of Concertinas by Henry Minting One sheet of blurred manual typing with dim hand-written additions, and another sheet in two copies possibly re-typed later from the first on an electric typewriter, with “Dates of Concertinas” relating Wheatstone serial numbers to dates of manufacture.

Unpublished manuscripts, Horniman Museum Library. Neither sheet has yet been catalogued at the Horniman, but these appear to constitute item number C in Neil Wayne’s finding list to his archives, which is described as “C

Antique stoves often bear a nameplate or stamped in manufacturer and model name which will help date the piece.

Outside hinge with 3 barrels: Many of the early hinges were replaced, as have been some later ones, so the hinge barrel count is not always absolutely accurate as it is possible a repair replacement has been made. The appearance wasn’t so great and there was a tendency to rust, so a black crackle paint was used on these lighters. Black crackle Zippos were apparently produced only for shipment to armed forces overseas and none were produced for domestic sales. The difference between a and Zippo can be determined by the insert as the ones had markings on them.

The information presented here came from researching a number of Internet sites with bits and pieces from each.

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