Lala Kent’s Boyfriend Randall Emmett Is Still Married — but It’s Not What You Think (EXCLUSIVE)

It seems to be some sort of mash-up of the less famous Barden Bellas from Pitch Perfect and several of the cast members of Vanderpump Rules using so much Auto-Tune, it sounds as if their parts were sung by a Roomba and a prototype self-driving car. The video has the silver, glossy sheen of a Christmas tree in a boutique hotel lobby or a fresh herpes sore. It had to be especially bad to stand out in this humdinger of an episode. I never thought that we were going to get from Faith accusing Jax of sleeping with her, sucking her toes, and possibly impregnating her within spitting distance of a sleeping year-old to where we are now in just two episodes. Jax admitted to cheating with Faith. She then throws some things, packs a bag, and takes off for a couple of days in Vegas, dancing on a stage next to a trashy DJ in a shockingly tasteful one-piece bathing suit. After his admission, Jax skulks away, showing Brittany and the world that the back of his sweater is covered in a faded Taco Bell logo, as if even his loungewear is haunted by his past as a cashier at a Mexican-themed diarrhea dispensary at a rest stop in Michigan. Man, get over it.

Lala Kent’s Boyfriend Randall Emmett Is Still Married — but It’s Not What You Think (EXCLUSIVE)

Jax denied having sex more than once with Faith Speaker phone: Brittany had their conversation on speaker phone and was shocked at Jax’s response Moving on: The Kentucky native vowed that she was done with Jax The show opened with Brittany having a ‘hungover spa day’ with Stassi Schroeder. The romantic pampering was supposed to be a gift for Jax on their two-year anniversary.

Brittany took Stassi Schroeder to a spa outing that was supposed to be a gift for Jax on their two-year anniversary Stassi advised Brittany to ‘never’ get back together with the promiscuous barman. Stassi was surprised when Brittany admitted to having sex with Jax The boys went to a pub to console Jax.

I know she very likely started dating Jax to be on tv, but I just like her. And she is the best thing that has ever happened to Jax. I feel like her sort of “girly but slightly redneck” attitude jibes with Jax’s unsophisticated-leaves-the-door-open-to-poop demeanor.

Even Ariana and Tom who arguably have the most stable relationship had their own troubles. Scheana quickly rebounded from her marriage to Shay and began dating Rob, but it was as if she jumped into a relationship that was already in full swing. However, Rob seemed to be on a different page Like, not as invested in the relationship as she was. One of the most repetitive things to come out of their relationship was Scheana telling this darn ‘Rob Hanging The TV’ story.

Seriously, homegirl told this novelty story every chance she got which was practically almost every episode. Yet, at the reunion, she basically cried the whole time as she spilled the real tea on her relationship with Rob. This man is no prize yet, Katie praises him a lot though, as his wife. During earlier seasons, Schwartz was still trying to be a model even though he has a dad-bod and did absolutely nothing about it. When Katie began to feel like she wanted to get married, she started to pressure Tom to propose even though he would never be able to afford an engagement ring.

But he surprised the viewers when one night on season four when he pulled out a box in a somewhat romantic settin g. Everyone thought it was THE moment. But BOOM, he pulls out a ring attached to a freaking string.

Brittany Cartwright’s Wiki: Facts to Know about Jax Taylor’s Girlfriend from “Vanderpump Rules”

I honestly don’t believe any of it. He’s very affectionate in every other way but we don’t kiss a lot. So for him to walk in and kiss someone is laughable. Jax was recorded criticizing Brittany to server Faith who he had earlier admitted cheating with on his girlfriend Bizarre explanation: Scheana Marie refused to believe her boyfriend Robert Valletta was seen kissing another woman at a club because he isn’t a kisser But she still insisted that ‘I don’t even think there are words to describe the rage’ she had for Katie Maloney spreading the story in revenge for Scheana telling Lala Kent that she had been gossiping about her and her alleged ‘sugar daddy’.

Jax Verified account @mrjaxtaylor See you Saturday!!! # AtlanticCity @ poolafterdark @ harrahsresort # jaxandbrittany # poolafterdark @ BNCartwright 2 days away!!!Account Status: Verified.

Season 6 Cast Ranked! May 1, Who knew that after six years on television filled with cheating, sex and drunken outbursts that Vanderpump Rules would still have enough fuel to deliver it’s best season yet? Although not everyone got an equal storyline and many of the cast members were unlikeable as fuck, we were provided with ample drama and one of the best seasons in reality TV history.

However dysfunctional the group may seem, they felt cohesive and resembled an actual friendship group after Lala and James were officially welcomed into the WeHo fold. Check out our ranking of each cast member’s contribution, not likeability on the show this season below. That’s all you really need to know about the anime character’s input to the show this season.

His dumb need to stand up for Jax’s shitty ways was annoying to watch and contributed to his sex-deprived relationship with Ariana in many ways – however, somehow he was the one male cast member not to be outed for cheating. Let’s just hope they buy that house and finally escape the dingy dungeon that is their apartment. Ariana Madix Aside from hating her vagina, riding horses and standing up for her brother, I’m not exactly sure what Ariana’s storyline was.

She returned this season with a hot new short haircut and an apartment full of tissues due to Sandoval’s constant need to beat his meat as a result of their sexless relationship, which was due to her vaginal self-esteem issues.

Vanderpump Rules – Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky

Bravo It is no secret to my my friends, my colleagues, my parents, my therapist, or my cats that I love “Vanderpump Rules,” maybe just a little too much. But even I have a tough time sitting through three hours of reunion specials, since all Bravo’s reunions really are are a group of bitter humans who just spent months of their lives watching their friends drag them on television airing out grievances, both real and imagined, while Andy Cohen gets drunk on martinis and occasionally asks a very personal question.

They’re mean, they’re ugly, and no one ever comes out the winner, because it’s hard to “win” anything by shouting over someone else as they try to make a stupid point about something that happened nine months ago. Actually, I take that back — Ramona “won” the last “Real Housewives of New York” reunion, but only because she fell asleep while her cast mates spoke about their dead husbands, and it was astonishing:

You and Jax still dating? penny_hearts_frankie We love your pups and love titos toys too! 😍😍😍 check out @penny_hearts_frankie for adorable pup pics!! 💕🙏.

No, the other Beverly Leslie. The publisher of that Beverly Hills rag. For example, Jax claims production held him from arriving at the party to make it seem as if he was later than he was. Granted that could be an excuse, but if it was true, is he required to stand there and take Lisa’s nasty words? Or is he just supposed to “act” along with production? Her eyes look like they’re about ready to pop out of her head.

Every time they show her talking to someone, she looks like she’s hearing incredibly shocking news. How many times is she going to say that he’s a MAN. Makes me think he’s gay. Why is Jax shaving his head now? Can Stassi not see that Patrick is just another total douchebag with a man bun? And did her “friends” tell her that he said he doesn’t care if she bangs other guys which means that he’s banging other girls? Am I the only person that notices Lala’s obvious cocaine habit?

Lala Kent’s Boyfriend Randall Emmett Is Still Married — but It’s Not What You Think (EXCLUSIVE)

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12 days ago · Jax is, of course, now engaged to Brittany; instead of still dating Kristen, Sandoval has been living with his girlfriend, Ariana Madix, another SUR bartender and cast member, for .

Alistensrude Tig dated Casey’s mom when Casey was ten. Casey and Tig have forged an unbreakable bond. At 30 years old, Casey’s perfect life is shattered and now Tig’s baby has to move back to Charming. I will be updating this within the next day or two. How are ya liking it so far? I figured you can’t really get a feel for a story after one chapter, so here’s another one. This story is rated M for future chapters if it gets that far.

After one day, 12 hours, and 45 minutes on the road, an exhausted Casey pulled into Teller-Morrow around 1: It was quiet outside. There was no music to be heard emanating from the clubhouse.

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Finn gets ready to leave the hospital. He needs to tell the police he killed Cassandra. Nathan tells Maxie the genetic component has to have crossed her mind. Nathan says, might as well get used to saying it out loud. Caesar Faison is his father.

Brittany joins the reunion for the first time to reveal what it was really like moving across the country to be with Jax, and how her life and chest has changed. Plus, Scheana and Ariana explore their rocky friendship and Stassi returns to right her wrongs/5(35).

This week, Jax takes that bad behavior to a whole new level of douchy-ness, resulting in him blatantly disrespecting girlfriend Brittany Cartwright , her family, AND her friends. No one is safe when Jax has had a few tequila shots and feeling homesick for L. We start the episode with Jax actually claiming to be enjoying his farm chores as he gets up early with Mamaw to feed the chickens and the cows.

I guess Mamaw is hurting for company since her standards are so low but either way, Jax seems to do no wrong in her eyes. As they walk back to the house, Mamaw asks Jax how he met Brittany and he weaves a romantic tale about being in Vegas and seeing a beautiful woman across the room Brittany, we presume , getting her number, and then her moving to L. As they settle into dinner, the family wants to know if they will be back for Christmas and Jax says no, despite assuring Mamaw just a few days earlier that they would be there for the holidays.

Brittany is annoyed and explains that Jax always does this, says one thing and then completely denies ever saying it. What about what Brittany needs? When Jax rejoins Brittany and her friends at the bar to do some shots, Brittany wants him to apologize to her friend Ashley for drunkenly yelling at her the other night. Nice try, Brittany but unfortunately for you, your boyfriend has no redeeming qualities and he makes it well known by refusing to apologize, then slamming back his shot before she can finish her heart felt toast to her friends.

Her friends look at him in dismay and Brittany has no choice but to press on with the evening, hoping it will get better.

‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Jax Taylor Reveals Status With Brittany Cartwright Post-Cheating

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