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How big do they grow? What do you use for bait and what kind of tackle does it take to catch one. The big redfish are only common if you know how to get them! They are around here all year long, the best time is winter here, but, I still get them year round!! Some of the boat fishermen get the smaller ones in bays and small lakes in the marsh.

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Shopping guide for best navigation systems Last Updated November Almost every smartphone can act as a GPS, but there are definite advantages to having a dedicated dash- or window-mounted navigation device for your car. Not only do they deliver valuable, focused information, they also have features designed to make your journey safer.

But how do you know which of the dozens of models on the market is right for you? The BestReviews team thrives on this kind of question. Through independent, in-depth research, we find answers that help you make the right decision when it’s time to buy. You can trust us because we don’t accept products directly from manufacturers. We remain unbiased by purchasing the same products available to you, straight off the shelf. If you’re ready to buy a GPS for your car, these are the products that meet our standards.

You’ll notice we only featured two manufacturers, and that’s unusual for us. However, these two companies provide all the leading products. For a better understanding of features of navigation systems, read the shopping guide below. Stay connected Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews delivered to your inbox. Subscribe Like us on Facebook!

Stay updated Before you take a trip with your new car GPS navigation system, take your time to familiarise yourself with the features you are most likely to use.


Tuesday, July 04, Q: Will it work with Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro 9. Yes, it will work with Jeppesen FliteDeck. You just need to make sure that your Windows laptop has Bluetooth capabilities.

This is loaded with extras heated custom Corbin seat, custom painted lowers, gps, Sirius hook up, driving lights, tour pack etc. Comes with Gold key, CVO cover. Will not disappoint the serious buyer.

They’ll all work just fine and the choice of which to use comes down to time, inclination and the desire or lack thereof to build a wiring harness and engineer a mount. We mounted our Trackside Adapter on the frame of our 8″ HID race light where it’s out of the way and wired the spades on the other end of the harness to the hot side of our light switch and a frame ground.

This entire installation took a grand total of 30 minutes, 10 of which was spent looking for a small screw we dropped that rolled underneath the bike lift. The harness supplied with the Trackside unit is intended to serve this purpose but at around 20 inches in length it’s far too short for most dirt bikes. Many installations will require lengthening the leads.

Corrosion is actually a bigger problem than an electrical short if the power adapter gets soaked. The Trackside unit has a really beefy weatherproof cover that absolutely keeps moisture out. We like the Trackside unit quite a bit. We’re not so sure that the plastic handlebar mount will last forever and would like a longer wiring harness but other than that its terrific. Keeps your GPS back lit as long as you want.

Wiring harness is too short to reach the battery and way too long for anything else. Plastic handlebar mount looks fragile.

Garmin Zumo 395LM Motorcycle GPS Review

The stator works with the flywheel and consists of copper wire wound poles that are stationary. The flywheel, which rotates with the engine crank, spins around the stator to produce alternating current AC. It then runs up to the regulator-rectifier where it is converted to direct current DC. Most motocross bikes come with an ignition stator, powerful enough to only supply the ignition system.

Some can be modified to work as a lighting-ignition stator by adding more copper wire winds on the poles. Places like Baja Designs and Ricky Stator can take your factory assembly and modify it to produce two to three times the power.

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How to install a GPS vehicle tracking system How to install a GPS vehicle tracking system Jun 18, There are a number of reasons why you might need to install a tracking system on your vehicle. Apart from usual tracking purposes, you can also use it as anti-theft device. In a fleet management business, GPS tracking devices are used to monitor drivers and their driving skills and habits.

Also, GPS devices have several professional purposes of use, for example, these devices are indispensable for businesses like car rentals, ambulance services etc. However, whatever your purpose of using GPS tracking device is, it works flawlessly, and is very easy to install. Once installed, tracking devices work in the conjunction with the advanced global positioning system GPS to deliver real-time location of the object. It remotely provides the information of directions, movement, speed and location.

A GPS sever stores all the data in a centralized database that can be assessed for future reference. In addition, the advancement of the GPS technology can also reveal the time spent halting at multiple locations. You can also choose to do geo-fencing where the alarm comes into action when the car changes its direction outside the predefined routes. Installation process of a GPS tracking system: When it comes to install a GPS tracking to your vehicle, the first thing you’ll need is to find a power source for it.

There are two common ways to provide power to a tracking device. You can use dedicated batteries to power it, or can use the battery of your vehicle to make it functional.

Harrisonburg / Shenandoah Valley KOA

This actually happened to a fellow I met on a trip out west last September. Fortunately, in this case, the bike was later found behind a shed not far from the parking lot. Some wiring had been cut cut, the lock was jimmied and there was some cosmetic damage, but at least it was all there.

After purchase of a Zumo GPS for my husband, we were disappointed to find that the motorcycle shops in our area didn’t know how to install and said that they would try but it could take time. My husband decided to do it himself.

Global Cruise Application Q: At Rostra, we love seeing the inventive ways in which our customers apply products that we manufacture to a variety applications. But, while a number of online forums exist that detail the multitude of installation options for our products on non-passenger vehicle modes of transportation, due to safety concerns surrounding these installations, we do not actively support these applications. Our technical support is provided through extensive real-world testing that at this time does not include working with said vehicles.

When installing Rostra’s Global Cruise system, can I mount the cruise control servo motor to the vehicle’s engine? When selecting a mounting location for your Global Cruise servo motor, it is best to take into consideration the deteriorating effects heat and vibration have on all vehicle electronics. For a list of places that we do not recommend, please see below: Underneath the vehicle’s fender exposed to the elements Underneath the vehicle itself exposed to road debris Directly to the vehicle’s engine with heat and vibration In any location with the cable points towards the ground Near sharp, hot, or moving objects pulleys, CV shafts, etc Can I permanently mount Rostra’s Global Cruise servo motor on the inside of my vehicle?

The short answer – Yes, this is a possibility. While mounting the Global Cruise servo motor within the passenger cabin is certainly an option, installers are warned that the motor itself makes a fair amount of noise as it pulls the vehicle’s throttle back and forth to maintain highway speeds. While hot rod owners may never notice the sound of the motor, more modern vehicles that include ample sound dampening from road noise likely will. The throttle cable attached to Rostra’s Global Cruise servo motor is too long for my application.

Talon T-2200 Motorcycle Alarm Review

How to hook up a stereo to a motorcycle battery Category: What can make the ride even better is listening to your favourite tunes with a stereo system. But if AC power isn’t available, you can set up your stereo to work on the power of a regular car battery if you have some basic materials and a DC to AC power inver [More] Category:

Add on car gps navigation systems allow you to add navigation to a factory screen or an existing monitor. Add on car gps navigation system provides all the benefit of a factory installed car navigation system but at a far cheaper price.

There are better options for motorcycle navigation I probably won’t use it that much. The Nuvi works just fine and was paid for a long time ago. I had been reading a lot about Ram Mounts and they seemed to have the right product for mounting a GPS to a motorcycle so I ordered a steering stem mount, arm, and cradle directly from their site. I also ordered a bag of connectors to hook the unit up to the Honda quartet harness which I installed this winter. It’s just a coaxial cable with positive and negative leads, but inside the plug is a little circuit board which corrects the voltage and current for the garmin unit.

I smashed open the connector and with some splicing and a lot of tape, I turned the coaxial cable into a stereo cable and crimped the ends into the connector. I plugged into the quartet harness on the black plug. I fished the appropriate length of cord through the frame and out the conduit at the front of the headstock, leaving just enough slack to turn the bars from lock to lock.

I wrapped the excess cord around my Stebel horn compressor and tucked it all in under the retainer. I’m impressed with the Ram mount. The arm is made out of metal and is much sturdier and secure than I imagined it would be. Now I just need to travel far enough from home that I will actually need this thing!

Shopping guide for best navigation systems

DSC allows mariners to send instant, digitally coded distress calls to the U. Coast Guard and other vessels within transmission range. It also allows selective, digital communication with other DSC-equipped vessels.

Safe and Sexy: Motorcycle Helmets With Bluetooth, MP3 Players, and GPS The Dainese Airstream Course D-Nect (left) and the Nolan N N-Com. * Photo: Thomas Hannich * Riding a motorcycle .

Some motorcycle enthusiasts selected the sport specifically because they enjoy the solitude of riding down the open highway with only their thoughts and the wind to keep them company. For others, this solitude, particularly on long trips, can become overwhelming. Bluetooth helmets make it easy for riders to stay connected to fellow travelers, as well as the world at large while safely operating their bike and never having to remove their helmet. Bluetooth devices are rapidly replacing older forms of short-range communication technology.

They operate clearly, effectively, and with relative safety. Consumers hoping to add a Bluetooth device to their motorcycle gear have the option of either purchasing a motorcycle helmet that already features a Bluetooth device or installing one later. Having a Bluetooth device present helps keep bikers connected in a number of ways. Not only can they listen to their favorite MP3s, but they can also have relatively clear conversations with passengers or even traveling buddies who are within a reasonable distance.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Options When it comes to purchasing a Bluetooth –capable device, there are two major possibilities. There are Bluetooth devices specially designed for use with motorcycle helmets that can be used with any helmet, as well as helmets that come with Bluetooth equipment already installed and ready to go.

GPS Tracker Installation on a Motorcycle

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