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Since , BioM is the network organization of the biotechnology sector in Munich and in Bavaria, commissioned by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. The core competence of the region is the development of innovative therapeutics and diagnostics, in particular for personalized healthcare. BioM recognizes the challenges of the medicine of the future and supports its development by identifying and connecting matching partners from science, industry, medicine and finance. With an extensive network for developing new business contacts, BioM supports the Bavarian biotechnological and pharmaceutical sector. The cluster management offers central access and a broad range of information about the sector for prospective customers from home and abroad. Furthermore, BioM manages a broad range of training sessions, events and network meetings “by experts for experts” as well as for start-ups. An information portal at www. Do you have a formalised strategy?: Yes Do you have a specific strategy focus that addresses internationalisation?:

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In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: The Dancing Sokrates and the Laughing Xenophon, or the Other Symposium Bernhard Huss Xenophon’s Symposium is one of his minor Socratic works, and even though other opera Socratica Xenophontis, his Memorabilia and probably also his Oeconomicus, are much more famous, occasionally it has been called his best work. In Gallardo’s report on recent research on Xenophon’s Symposium had to state that little had changed since the days of Wilamowitz—Moellendorff:

) Inventor Joshua V. Aller Tony F. Rodriguez Current Assignee (The listed assignees may be inaccurate. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation or war

In accordance with certain embodiments of the present technology, captured imagery is examined for colorfulness e. In this latter representation, the imagery can be examined to determine whether all—or a significant spatial area e. If this condition is met, then the system can infer that it is likely looking at printed material, such as barcode or text, and can activate recognition agents tailored to such materials e.

Similarly, this low-color circumstance can signal that the device need not apply certain other recognition techniques, e. Contrast is another image metric that can be applied similarly e. In this case, a contrast measurement e. Conversely, if captured imagery is high in color or low in contrast, this can bias barcode and OCR agents not to activate, and can instead bias facial recognition and watermark decoding agents towards activating. Thus, gross image metrics can be useful discriminants, or filters, in helping decide what different types of processing should be applied to captured imagery.

In other embodiments, other metrics can of course be used—such as the high frequency content test of Pixto, or the linear edges used by Symbol. The absence of high frequency content and linear edges, for example, can elevate the execution priority of a facial recognition algorithm over alternatives such as OCR and barcode decoding. Likewise, some embodiments can employ other context data in deciding what recognition process to employ.

Location, as taught by Pixto is one, but there are many others.

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Here is a little out-take that I wrote a while ago: You may want to go back and refresh yourself on Chap from Edward’s point of view before you read it. Bella Chicago, I can smell him before I can see him. It grows stronger by the second — this tantalizing scent that swells and grows, filling my senses with a strange, powerful longing. They all smell different — some pleasant, and others less so, but from the very first moment of this new life, I never found it terribly difficult to abstain.

BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH, Am Klopferspitz 19A, Martinsried, Germany Why we are part of EIT Health Optional[To support of early-stage start-ups by collaborating with other ://

Her elder sister, Jennifer Tisdale, is an actress, and her maternal grandfather, Arnold Morris, developed the Ginsu Knives. Through her grandfather, Tisdale is related to businessman Ron Popeil. She is Jewish on her mother’s side and was raised with"a little bit of both” of her parents’ religions. He sent her to numerous auditions for commercials, resulting in her placement in more than national network TV ads as a kid. The Concert tour in Records signed her for a recording contract in July and she started working on her debut album.

Headstrong is Tisdale’s US Gold-certified[18] debut album, released in February via Warner Bros,[1[19]hich debuted at number five on the Billboard , with 64, copies sold in that week. In , “Not Like That” and “Suddenly” were released as singles in a selective number of countries that did not include North America. She lent vocals for several tracks in the film’s soundtrack[8[8]nd her performance in High School Musical 2 was critically acclaimed by many media outlets such as The Hollywood Reporter.

She co-wrote several songs on her studio albums.

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Find articles by Cornelis J. Nagtegaal Find articles by Iris D. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Approximately half of the colorectal cancer CRC patients develop metastatic disease.

UvrABC endonuclease. The interaction of UvrABC with the a bp DNA fragment containing a monoadduct 19a at a well-defined position was recently reported The enzyme system uses cooperativity, molecular matchmaking, and kinetic proofreading to achieve :// /uvrabc-endonuclease.

Any agreement entered into pursuant to this section must specify the following: A Minnesota school district may, at its discretion, provide transportation services for such a student. Any additional terms must apply equally to both states. Minnesota Statutes , section D. Notwithstanding subdivisions 1 and 2, if an agreement is reached between the state of Minnesota and an adjoining state pursuant to section D. In accordance with program guidelines, the commissioner shall reimburse each participating public or nonpublic school 14 20 cents for each half-pint of milk that is served to kindergarten students and is not part of a school lunch or breakfast reimbursed under section D.

Two members of the house of representatives, one appointed by the speaker and one appointed by the minority leader; and two members of the senate appointed by the Subcommittee on Committees of the Committee on Rules and Administration, including one member of the minority; and two parents with a child under age six, shall be added to the membership of the State Advisory Council on Early Education and Care.

The council must fulfill the duties required under the federal Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of as provided in Public Law The following duties are added to those assigned to the council under federal law: This funding stream is for fiscal year The council may pursue additional funds from state, federal, and private sources.

If additional operational funds are received, the council must reduce the amount of prekindergarten exploratory project funds used in an equal amount. Minnesota Statutes Supplement, section D.

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This would lead to the fluctuation of global gene expression not only by repression of exo-miRNA target gene expression, but also by the increase of the endo-miRNA target gene expression. In the present study, we quantified the changes in the expression levels of target genes of exo-miRNA and endo-miRNA in the cells transfected with fifteen different exo-miRNAs by microarray experiments. Different exo-miRNAs increased ratios of expression levels of target genes of a given endo-miRNA to different extents, suggesting that the replacement efficiencies might differ according to the exo-miRNA types.

Studio Makkink & Bey will provide part of the interior design for the forthcoming retrospective exhibition in Paris of the work of the fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. The exhibition will be on view from 1 April to 3 August at the Grand

She had a cut on her elbow that she’d gotten during her breakfall, and a bruised right foot. A big bandage was wrapped around that elbow after it was cleaned. It took so long because the ER doctor was concerned about her emotional state. It appeared that Christine avoided an immediate sedative only because she and her father agreed on the quick support and advice provided by Frank Morgan, which the physician regarded as excellent. Alan was only examined and treated for about 20 minutes.

He had the characteristic minor bruises and skinned knuckles often seen in high-school fights.

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The starting point for this project was the Noordoostpolder itself for research and design. The Noordoostpolder is a region in the province Flevoland, Netherlands. In past years the province of Flevoland in general and especially the polder has resulted in a couple of interesting research projects within the studio. Designer Jurgen Bey decided to engage in a dialogue. In the dialogue between environment and creator, every artist stands for a different theme that is based on WOW as a temporary habitat.

 · The Dancing Sokrates and the Laughing Xenophon, or the Other Symposium. νετο, 10 “Sokrates thought that dancing was a part of the things he should do. Sometimes he discussed it, and sometimes he was seen doing it.” but this refers to Socratic pandering and matchmaking similar to Pl. Tht. a–d (–64), whereas Hermogenes

Dietary zinc deficiency in children results in growth retardation. However, the mechanism whereby zinc regulates growth remains unclear. MicroRNAs are a group of newly discovered, small, non-coding RNAs and have been demonstrated to play a regulatory role in cell proliferation. The expression of microRNA and process of producing mature microRNA can be influenced by cellular and tissue zinc status. Thus, the hypothesis for my research is that microRNA plays a role in mediating zinc-dependent cell proliferation.

The overall objective was to determine whether microRNAs are involved in zinc-dependent cell proliferation in mouse fibroblast 3T3 cells. To establish zinc-dependent effect, zinc was replenished at the final concentration of 0 TPEN only , 1. Cell proliferation was measured by cell cycle analysis using flow cytometry. In the absence of quiescence induction, zinc-depletion for 24 or 48 h inhibited cell proliferation by In the presence of quiescence induction, zinc-depletion inhibited cell proliferation by Regardless of the status of quiescence, zinc replenishment at 1.

Zinc-depletion increased the abundance of miR p, miR , and let-7e-3p, while zinc replenishment brought back the abundance of these three microRNAs to the level observed in the DMSO control.

Minnesota Session Laws – 2010, Regular Session

The Science and Technology Authority shall: The authority must assist businesses in identifying qualified suppliers and vendors through a program to serve as a conduit for Minnesota-based companies to network with firms able to support their success. Firms outside Minnesota can participate in the technology matchmaking network if one of the participating companies is located in Minnesota. Local service providers must assist the applicant with developing and reviewing the required commercialization plan prior to Phase II submission.

Power to sue; enter contracts.

In the case of odin R, examples like (18) similarly suggest that identifiability must be on the part of the speaker of the context (either matrix, as in (12), or embedded, as in (18a)); identifiability cannot be on the part of an agent who is not the speaker, e.g., Mary in (18b).

Osteomyelitis of the jaws is still a fairly common disease in maxillofacial clinics and offices, despite the introduction of antibiotics and the improvement of dental and medical care. The literature on this disease is extensive. Different terminologies and classification systems are used based on a variety of features such as clinical course, pathological—anatomical or radiological features, etiology, and pathogenesis.

A mixture of these classification systems has occurred throughout the literature, leading to confusion and thereby hindering comparative studies. An overview of the most commonly used terms and classification systems in osteomyelitis of the jaws is given at the beginning of this chapter. The Zurich classification system, as advocated in this textbook, is primarily based on the clinical course and appearance of the disease as well as on imaging studies. Subclassification is based on etiology and pathogenesis of the disease.

Mainly three different types of osteomyelitis are distinguished: Acute and secondary chronic osteomyelitis are basically the same disease separated by the arbitrary time limit of 1 month after onset of the disease. They usually represent a true bacterial infection of the jawbone. Suppuration, fistula formation, and sequestration are characteristic features of this disease entity. Depending on the intensity of the infection and the host bone response, the clinical presentationand course may vary significantly.

Acute and secondary chronic osteomyelitis of the jaws is caused mostly by a bacterial focus odontogenic disease, pulpal and periodontal infection, extraction wounds, foreign bodies, and infected fractures. Primary chronic osteomyelitis of the jaw is a rare, nonsuppurative, chronic inflammation of an unknown cause.

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