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Is she a gorgeous glamour girl in distress? Use these signs to know for sure! A gold digger is a very cunning and curious species. It comes in all forms, both male and female. They typically latch on to someone unsuspecting, someone like you. They often have an entitled attitude that you need to take care of them in the sense that you have to be there for their needs and wants. So how do you spot a gold-digger? Read on to find out—because you just might be dating one. The 7 types of women who just end up wasting your time ] 2 Show me the money.

10 Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Girl

A real relationship is about love, and not the size of the wallet. But for her, the real relationship is with money, and you are just a provider, an easy access to lavish lifestyle. Here are 9 cant-ignore signs that she is dating you for your money 1. She loves your money more than she loves you For her, you are just her ATM. Her universe revolves around money, and not you. Despite having a good job, she is always broke and is always cribbing about her financial problems, when it comes to paying bills.

In an effort to steer you (and your pockets) in the right direction, here are ’s seven signs that you’re dating a gold digger: The person you’re seeing always has their hand out: According to a poll done by Baje Fletcher, the author of A Gold Digger’s Guide, % of the women the average man dates will ask for money.

Saturday, February 1, , 2: To know the signs you are dating the wrong woman can help you get out of a bad relationship. Find out what are the signs you are dating the wrong girl. Relationships are lifetime commitments and when it comes to the matter of a life partner, it is more crucial. It is important to make sure that you are with the right person.

The relationship with a girl who understands, loves and cares for you will last forever and will keep you happy and satisfied throughout your life. But, how to know that you are dating a person who will never be your Miss. Perfect is the great question that has to be solved with practical answers. Knowing the signs you are dating the wrong woman will help keep your future happy and tension free.

Being in a wrong relationship can make your future miserable. Making a deep study about your relationship, keeping apart all the fascinations and frustrations may help you solve the problem.

Signs you are dating a gold digger

These people do not have a sincere interest in showering affection of their partners. The truth is, no one likes to be used as a money machine and the set of people in question are only gold diggers. While it is normal for an intending partner to care about your financial stability and support you in any way they can, gold diggers keep you spending and wasting cash and will abandon you when they discover you can no longer cater for their needs.

These set of people are bound to arouse suspicion from their activities and can easily be flagged with the following tips. Within the first few days of your conversation, they will highlight their many needs to you. Some will even go as far as claiming terminal illness just to arouse sympathy.

Here’s the latest from CrazyBuster, Micksbabe. It is a follow-up to her article, How to Spot a Gold Digger. This article will discuss the manipulations of the Gold Digger’s evil counter-part, the Damsel in s the Gold Digger is overt in her, “Gimme, Gimme, Gimme” in exchange for sex and other favors, the Damsel in Distress is much more covert in her manipulations.

The first is only interested in herself and what she can acquire. Ideally, you want to avoid these chicks whenever possible. Unfortunately, these women are usually a peg or two above their respective men in terms of looks, so the guys are usually too busy thanking God for their good fortune to notice how frequently Jane needs a new pair of shoes. While there are certainly exceptions to every rule, and most actions are open to interpretation, they do serve as a general rule of thumb.

This is the Gold Diggers way of repaying you. You have to pay before you can play. She has a temper tantrum if you refuse to buy something for her. She only suggests expensive restaurants, hotels, etc. The point is, she never selects a destination that will be kind to your wallet. She earns a very modest income, yet everything she owns is very expensive. This is less obvious than it sounds. A good gold digger knows how to network, and she knows she needs some kind of job, lest she look like what she is.

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A woman who cares more about a man’s bank account than she does about the man. Rinsing men off their money seems to be a trend rapidly catching on especially with Vancouver, Dallas and Orlando topping the list of cities that have the most number of gold diggers. No man wants to be taken advantage of financially; they want to be loved for who they are and not for their net worth.

And it often so happens that women unknowingly send out wrong vibes that compel the other sex to categorize them as gold diggers. Not like any woman would ever consciously want to be known as one who ice-picks partners based on their wallets!

8 Signs That Indicates That You Are Dating A Gold-Digger. 4 months ago 4 months ago. Life, Relationship. So if you by any chance doubt that your girl is a gold-digger or your boyfriend is a gold-digger then it’s best to put your doubt to test. Read ahead to know more. 1. Excuses.

Over the years, I’ve come up with some unique ways to deal with gold diggers. But first, what do I actually mean by gold digger? This is going to be controversial and I’ll probably get a lot of abuse for this, but I don’t think that it’s any “worse” for a woman to be attracted to the size of a man’s wallet than it is for a man to be attracted to the size of a woman’s breasts. There’s nothing wrong with valuing that a man can provide for himself and his family.

A lot of women also value characteristics that they see as correlated with wealth, e. So, when I talk about gold diggers, I don’t mean women who think it’s cool if the guy they are interested in has money. I am referring to the kind of women who value a man’s money more than they value the man himself. Where are you meeting these women? I once did a phone consultation with a man who complained that all of the women he was dating seemed to be attracted to him mostly for his money.

I asked him where he tended to meet women, and he said hotel bars, matchmakers, and a couple dating sites. I asked which ones, and he referred to a couple of sites specializing in older, successful men and younger women. That’s what these sites – and these venues – cater to.

12 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is a Total Psycho

The first is only interested in herself and what she can acquire. Ideally, you want to avoid these chicks whenever possible. Unfortunately, these women are usually a peg or two above their respective men in terms of looks, so the guys are usually too busy thanking God for their good fortune to notice how frequently Jane needs a new pair of shoes. While there are certainly exceptions to every rule, and most actions are open to interpretation, they do serve as a general rule of thumb.

This is the Gold Diggers way of repaying you. You have to pay before you can play.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone you’re dating wants quality time with you, or your wallet. Kanye West was sure to warn the masses about gold diggers for this exact reason. Before you get in too deep with a new romantic prospect, ask yourself the following questions about the girl you’re seeing.

A gold digger is essentially a lady who is dating your money, your status, your cars or mobiles, basically anything materialistic rather than you. However, finding out whether your girl is a gold digger or not isn’t that easy. If you try to be upfront and seek an explanation from someone who actually loves you, it is a surety that your relationship will meet an instant demise. Rather than directly confronting your girl, try to identify the following traits that are associated typically with gold digging women: She Keeps Probing Your Finances You might have told her about your salary but she wants to know more, constantly scraping for more information about your family status, parental savings and inherited riches and even your savings.

This is a sign of her analyzing you with a purely monetary perspective. She Is Obsessed About Your Social Image Every time you guys are out, she seems obsessed with the kind of image you folks project as a couple. She Lives Beyond Her Means She might be living in a very basic accommodation, might belong to a humble household but only wears the best of brands and demands to be taken to premium, select locations only.

This is a definite sign of a lady using her boyfriends for maintaining a lifestyle she cannot afford. However, if your lady seems adamant about being gifted according to her preferences, even dictates what she wants and forces you into gifting her, there is little doubt in her being just another gold digger. Remember a gift should be appreciated and should be a bit unexpected and not demanded like a constitutional right. She Is Way Out Of Your League You had thought about it when you first started dating her but not it has become more than obvious that she is definitely beyond your league , someone who could have easily gotten somebody far better.

If this realization surfaces with the gold digging traits discussed above, it represents a big certainty that she has been dating you merely to finance her needs.

Cherry Hill Matchmakers Reveal Signs You’re Dating a Gold Digger

Sorry, I kinda had to go there. You know the type. Or she may insist that you take her shopping, point out expensive items that she expects you to buy for her, or even ask you for loans. If you find yourself in this delicate situation, there are a few things you may want to do to extricate yourself seamlessly from the situation.

It needs to be real gold, real silver if it’s jewelery. Get me some perfume not the cheap kind, ooh and a car like a lamborgini or Audi or Range Rover, maybe a dog, and some prada bags, girl the list goes on.

What she has to offer: He asked that only his initials be used for privacy reasons. She refused to dine at midpriced restaurants, and when she invited him out to a bar to meet her pals, he was expected to pick up the tab for her 14 friends. Gold diggers are such a problem in NYC, one woman has set up an agency that proclaims it will weed them out. Helping men like K. So, how do you distinguish a well-intentioned woman from the ones who just really, really like talking about your wallet?

Not only should the woman have a job, says Spindel, but a sizable income — six figures is expected. She should also be independent and live alone. But is it really as simple as that? After all, many well-intentioned women want to align themselves with successful, powerful men, too. She never reaches for her wallet and insists on the best of everything.

Having money might get your foot in the door with a woman, but the test is, if you lost your money, Bernie Madoff-style, would she move on? Ross Den, a year-old entrepreneur and photographer, has a lot to offer — a job, his own apartment and wheels including a car and a motorcycle.

How to tell if your girlfriend is a gold digger?

Uncategorized How to spot a Gold Digger That eerie feeling you get when you suspect your partner might just be in for your money and not really head over heels in love with you…hmm, quite a devastating truth huh? But one very interesting thing though that might surprise you all is the fact that about percent of gold diggers are never really identified by their victims. And more shocking is the finding that most of these fraudsters tend to position their way into the lives of their victims, pretending to love and uphold them above all other things.

Read on to find out how to spot a gold digger! Which is not really a good thing.

5 Signs That You Are A Gold Digger A gold-digger is defined as a person who attempts to date only a rich person so that they can fulfill their financial and luxurious needs and wants. All is fair in love and war.

If you are suspicious that the woman you are dating is more interested in your wallet than you, here are 8 warning signs that your girlfriend is a gold digger. She only suggests expensive gifts, trips, restaurants, etc. A gold digger will turn her nose up at heartfelt, sentimental gifts because she is eager for gifts that are caked with money and expects nothing less than 4 star accommodations and food venues, shopping at designer stores and exotic vacations.

Sexual Rejection 2 2. What do men think about you? She never pays for anything When it comes time to pick up the check for a dinner, a movie or just about anything else the two of you are undertaking— she is nowhere to be found. She feels entitled A gold digger will walk around feeling entitled to the good life without feeling any need to lift a finger to achieve it.

Government programs to save on your medication 6. She attempts to trap men into pregnancy Everybody knows that unless a woman decides to artificially inseminate herself, conceiving a child takes is a two person act and if you decide to have unprotected sex with a woman, then you should be man enough to accept the consequences. She will intentionally stop using her birth control without you knowing and will even go as far as tampering with condoms prior to intercourse, i.

If Your Woman Exhibits These Signs, RUN, She Is A Gold Digger

Tweet on Twitter Gentlemen, you have to read this! They say no finance, no romance! And yes I agree with them.

Gold diggers often flirt. More often than not, a gold digger would flirt and cheat on the man she is in a relationship with. More often than not, a gold digger would flirt and cheat on the man she is in a .

Want to know if your girlfriend is a total psycho? We have provided 12 sure signs that she may just be insane. Perhaps you are driving down the highway with the annoying sound of receiving one text message after another. When she needs to know where you are at all times, you may be dating a psycho. If she demands to know where you are and what you are doing each hour of your day, there may be trouble brewing in a paradise! Sign 2 — She Is Enraged by Trivial Things Did you come home two minutes late to the sound of yelling and perhaps even glass breaking?

On the other hand, you should hear an ear full if you come home 4 hours late, and she was waiting to go on a romantic date with you!

Dating site golddiggers jewelers on block

They typically latch onto a very wealthy suspect—in this case, you. This type of woman feels like she deserves the world—and she expects you to provide it for her—at least for now. But your typical gold digger pursues a man because of his money. From the very beginning of your first date, think back to all the questions she asked you.

There are however some warning signs that the woman you are with is in fact, a gold digger. If that bothers you. A way to test whether a woman is seeking quality and security versus someone who is seeking to effectively steal from you is to pretend you have a little less money than you have.

Tweet on Twitter Pic Credit: Twitter Karan Johar needs no introduction as he is one of the finest director in B-town. He is the director who make stars with his films. He is recently busy with a becoming RJ on a known radio channel. The filmmaker-host turned RJ while giving love advice to his callers on how they should not let their partners control their finances, Karan went down memory lane and recalled the time when his late father Yash Johar had to sell their property to pay debts they incurred after his production Muqaddar Ka Faisla failed to perform at the box office.

We were living in South Bombay at that time and we had a two-bedroom apartment which we took on rent. Also, my father was producing a really big multi-star cast film, Muqaddar Ka Faisla. So that was the time I realised the value of money and of really trying to keep the roof over our heads. To this Karan promptly agreed and said it has happened to him multiple times. One of caller asked who from Bollywood flaunts his or her money and Karan took his own name. None of these should stand on the stool of money.

How Do You Know If She’s A Gold Digger?

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